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Hi! I'm Reese Ormand, CEO of Techvera and your host for this webinar. We'll talk about how you can harness modern technology and security methods to protect your business and adapt to this new work environment. Joining me will be Matt Solomon from ID Agent, the leaders in dark web and data breach monitoring, to talk about how to keep your private information safe. I hope this session will be valuable for you, I'm looking forward to it!
Reese Ormand

Matt Solomon is an experienced professional with over 15 years in B2B, B2C and B2G environments. Matt joined Kaseya via ID Agent, with a wealth of experience working with managed service providers, large law firms, government contractors, non-profits and Fortune 500 organizations.  He currently leads Kaseya’s business development team, working with managed services providers, channel partners and strategic partners.  He has continued his role on the executive team of ID Agent and educates the SMB community on the security threats that put their organizations at risk.

Matt holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Towson University and a master’s degree from the University of Maryland-University College.

Matt Solomon
ID Agent & Kaseya

What we'll cover

  • Safeguarding against disaster situations, both natural and man-made
  • Locking down your data so that attackers can't steal your private information, even when employees are working outside the office
  • How you can prevent ransomware, phishing, and other scams from disrupting your business operations
  • How to find out if your business' private information is for sale on the Dark Web, and what to do about it
  • Any of your questions!

Why should you attend?

Businesses face more challenges than ever in the COVID-era workplace. Aside from the usual hurdles, you now have to think about employees working outside the office and causing potential security issues, your data and information being accessed in multiple locations, and a massive uptick in scams.

It's tough to juggle, especially when you may already be worried about this pandemic we're dealing with! But there are tools and technology that can make your life so much easier.

Don't let your client and employee information get into the wrong hands and give you even more to deal with. Proactively lock your business and its data down, so you can focus on keeping your company successful!