Business Services
Managed IT Service

This level of service involves your business partnering with an outside IT company to oversee and manage all of your technology (and sometimes overall company) needs. A flat-rate IT support partnership can help everyone in your business gain back time and free up resources for high-level projects that drive revenue. A flat-rate service also gives you a predictable monthly IT budget that will not fluctuate, even during heavy use.


Some managed service providers like us go beyond just keeping your technology running, and focus on harnessing the power of IT to help achieve business goals. Companies that switch to managed IT report lower stress, more efficient and profitable operations, and faster growth.


A fit if your goals include: Increasing revenue, growth, gaining back time, acquiring better/more IT resources, and reducing stress.

Cloud and mobility

Why pay for what you don't need? The days of keeping and maintaining multiple physical servers and storage drives for the office to work from are done.


Working from the cloud means less infrastructure to pay for and install in your office, access to the files you need when and where you need them, and avoiding expensive hardware upgrades every few years. Just about every program can be run virtually within the cloud, giving you and your team the ability to work and collaborate from anywhere.


If you're always missing important emails, messages, and calls when away from your desk this solution is definitely for you. Businesses taking advantage of cloud technology enjoy greater convenience, productivity, power, and savings.


A fit if your goals include: Increasing revenue, greater efficiency/productivity, and acquiring better/more business resources.

Streamlined Communication

Communication challenges are the number one contributor to workplace issues, low morale, and lost productivity. With the enormous breadth of tools we have available to enhance company communications, there is no reason for your business to continue struggling.


Take advantage of modern technology like VoIP phone systems, internal and client-facing chat tools, real-time project management software, and business-class email. These solutions will allow you to easily automate processes and scale up when needed, while ensuring strong communication between both staff and customers.


A fit if your goals include: Greater efficiency/productivity, improving customer service, and gaining more time.

Backup disaster recovery continuity

Backup and disaster recovery (BDR) and business continuity planning is all about keeping your company protected against data loss and downtime.


While they are often used in the same sentence, recovery and continuity are somewhat different. BDR ensures that your data is being backed up properly, and can be restored to any point should a situation require it.


Business continuity is about having a concrete action plan and resources to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.


They involve different things, but work together to keep your business running against all odds. Companies without these solutions in place risk hours, days, or even weeks of downtime should an emergency happen, which commonly bankrupts victims. Conversely, businesses with a continuity plan can be back to normal operations in just minutes - even in a separate building if needed - should a cyberattack, flood, fire, theft, or other disaster affect their systems. When companies live on data, it's more important than ever to ensure yours is protected.


A fit if your goals include: Growth, reducing stress, and improving security.

Projects and consulting

In cases where there are many goals, a high level of work needed, or a specific desired outcome, it's a good idea to spend time with an IT consulting firm. While you'll spend money up front, needed projects will get done much faster and accurately, preventing you spending time and money to deal with the headaches of poor planning and implementation.


IT support companies that offer projects and consulting can take high-level, complex business objectives and turn them into actionable plans.

IT support and services

Sometimes you just need help right away! We provide as-needed IT support and technology services to businesses both on-site and remotely.


We are able to fix most any technology issue, from software to hardware. We will also attempt to go beyond the surface problems to find and remedy any underlying issues to prevent future occurrences.


When IT problems are keeping you from completing work or putting your business at risk, you'll want to contact a reliable, experienced service provider.